About GHD

Chapter 2

Hey there and Welcome to Golden Hill!  My name is Julie and I am the proud owner of Golden Hill Design (Chapter 2).  I bought Golden Hill in October 2018 (hence the Chapter 2).  I am beyond excited for these new adventures and I am really looking forward to what’s to come.  Thank you for stopping by and please continue to follow along this journey with us. 

Chapter 1

Welcome to Golden Hill Design! Follow along with us on instagram @goldenhilldesign. Find out about our latest styles and enter some great giveaways! 12 years ago when my oldest daughter was just a baby, I found myself cutting the sleeves off regular cotton onesies to have the sleeveless undershirt I couldn't find. I needed something to fit under dresses so the onesie wouldn't show under the sleeves of the dress or around the neck. I was also looking for something to lay better under a cardigan or shrug so the onesie wouldn't be bulky underneath. Even after cutting off sleeves, it still didn't lay quite right. I knew the material needed to be different. Years later, more babies later, I kept searching... since then I have found other sleeveless tanks but the material is still not right. I wanted softer, lighter, breathable, something that lays smoother under another shirt, and of course...SOLID COLORS!!! Why would it be so hard to find black and pink? I realized if I want it, then I'll have to design it. I bring you Golden Hill Design! Thank you for stopping by. I am so glad you found my little business and hope you have found what you are looking for as well! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way!

So why Golden Hill Design? I live up on a hill where my kids play in the magical lands of the "snake pit", the "man's cave" and the "ancient castle". I couldn't be happier. Out of everything that my husband and I possess on our hill, it is our family that we treasure the most. They are our "gold". We hope to be able to provide a loving atmosphere where they want to stay and love being at home on the hill.